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Our History

Prima Gold Jewellers LLC started its humble journey in the United Arab Emirates in the year 1994, franchising the brand ‘Prima Gold’ from Pranda Group Thailand with a vision of bringing exquisite 24K gold jewellery to the Middle East retail market. Since then, our commitment to delivering classic and contemporary handcrafted jewelleries made from superior quality Diamonds and 24K Gold has been our mission not only in the UAE, but also parts of the Middle East.

Prima Gold creates, designs and manufactures jewelry made from 24K gold, diamonds, various kinds of stones and gems for consumers who are passionate about expressing their unique personalities.

Our Signature
The everlasting essence of the absolute 24K gold jewelry – 99.9% purity in the endless pursuit of unique design and excellent craftsmanship.
Prima Gold provides exotic designs and adds value with its handmade signature silk line technique, which is a time-consuming process meticulously handled by the master craftsmen undertaken decades of apprenticeship.
Only the finest jewelry pieces on the artistry of 99.9% gold purity is the ultimate value delivered by Prima Gold.

Our Inspiration

We believe that life is about being authentic and expressing one’s true self. Our brand revolves around the following characteristics:

Prima Gold reflects the wearer’s true identity as well as love and respect in one’s self

Prima Gold helps individual express their fine taste in jewelry through beautiful and impeccable details in design.

Prima Gold’s unique and beautiful jewelry reveals distinctive features of the wearer as the symbol reflecting one’s true self.

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Our Legacy

All our retail outlets across Dubai and the Middle East stand testimony of our two decades experience in creating intricately designed masterpieces that transform into one’s dazzling pride possessions.

Our Promise

Real passion and inspiration expressed through the ultimate value of 24K gold craftsmanship stands as Prima Gold legacy, the perfection of trusted and timeless gold jewelry which brings meaningful bond and memories over generations.

All of our 24K gold jewelry comes with a certificate of guarantee that keeps our clients at ease.