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Dealing With Boredom in Recovery: Tips From a Coach because you feel anxious is likely to make you feel worse because alcohol is a depressant, so if you are already feeling low, it makes those feelings more extreme. In this article, we’ll unpack bored drinking and help you figure out whether boredom is a drinking trigger. Then we’ll show you how to better manage boredom and avoid unhealthy drinking patterns. Eventually, feeling bored all the time leads to increased alcohol consumption. With time, you’ll start to develop that aforementioned tolerance, which means you have to increase the amount you drink to get the desired effect. In the absence of alcohol, regular life starts to feel dull and gray.

Sobriety Fatigue: Why You Feel Exhausted After Quitting Drinking

Those feelings don’t come back immediately when you quit. Think of times or places where alcohol is normally found. Parties, seasonal events, family meals or work gatherings might spring to mind.

Emotional Triggers for Boredom Drinking

But I didn’t know what to do with them besides feel them. And the more I felt them, the more intense and blinding they would get. I’ve included this separate from hobbies because I don’t believe that journaling is a hobby. We are stressed-out, overstimulated, tech-obsessed creatures.

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As a drinking trigger, boredom affects more people than you might think. In a 2022 survey of Sunnyside members, 5% said boredom triggered them to drink. The only triggers that ranked higher are unwinding after a long day, habit, relieving stress, and celebrating something important. There is a strong relationship between boredom, stress, and drug or alcohol use.

drinking out of boredom

Drinking out of boredom is common, especially among those suffering from other mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. Exercise is a powerful way to rebuild your body in recovery and a healthy coping skill. It’s a way to care for yourself by committing to a practice that releases positive, mood-enhancing endorphins and alleviates stress. Finding a new activity and hobby such as working out can provide something to look forward to each day. Ignoring the harmful effects of alcohol consumption and regularly indulging can have short-term and long-term effects on your health.

I drink because I’m anxious and I want to numb the feeling

  • Replacing boredom drinking with enjoyable and fulfilling activities can help you maintain a healthier lifestyle and improve your mental health.
  • This is what happened to me towards the end of my drinking days, I didn’t want to do anything that didn’t involve getting drunk.
  • However, this can often lead to overindulgence, resulting in numerous health risks.
  • You’ll find it easier to settle into the activity should boredom strike.
  • Plus, it helps us with our emotional sobriety and wellness.

I promise it will do wonders for your mental health, which, in turn, will help you feel motivated to do more things. Staying busy is a great way to stave off boredom and create space for healing the parts of your brain that took a walloping from drinking. It’s particularly therapeutic to find something to do with your hands. Not on its own, but maybe it starts a conversation and a friend comes over just to sit with you and make sure you’re good. When I quit drinking, I was lucky to have a spouse that supported my decision.

drinking out of boredom

This can be hard if your social life previously revolved around drinking. It’s even harder if your loved ones don’t support your sobriety. If you quit drinking and experience any new or worsening mental health symptoms, please consider therapy. Let’s address another reason life without alcohol feels boring.

  • Alcohol changes the way that several neurotransmitters in the brain work.
  • For resources related to AUD, including how to get support, please visit the NIH website.
  • But you can present your concerns in such a way that they might see things more clearly and get the help they need.
  • AspenRidge Recovery offers online treatment programs that make it possible to receive recovery care while still maintaining a flexible schedule.
  • Surrounding yourself with people that support you can help alleviate possible remnants of guilt and shame from past behaviors.
  • But if you end up drinking anyway, mindfulness also means forgiving yourself and learning from the experience.

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